GenePalette is a powerful cross-platform and cross-species desktop application for genome sequence visualization and navigation.  Users can download segments of genome sequence from NCBI’s GenBank database from a variety of organisms (e.g., yeast, human, fly, worm, mouse, plants), preserving the gene annotation that is associated with that sequence.  Sequence elements of interest (transcription factor binding sites, other regulatory motifs, restriction enzyme sites, primer sequences, SNPs, microsatellites, etc.) can be searched for and identified in the loaded sequence, and then clearly visualized within a colorful graphical representation of gene organization and intron/exon structure.

Welcome to the GenePalette Tool!

We are pleased to announce the official release of GenePalette version 2.0!

Major features include the ability to compare related genome sequences, and tools for designing primers. Watch the video for more info!


New! March, 2012

Watch the video to see it in action!